Multistage Centrifugal and Long Shaft Water Supply Pumps from CNP

CNP is a professional technology center and manufacturer which develops and sells multistage centrifugal pumps. Founded over two decades ago, the company is devoted to innovation. CNP has an experienced team of pump designers and technicians. 

Light Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump

The Light Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps is a non-self-priming unit used for the transportation of liquids. The pump is classified into two kinds: the cylinder type or the sectional type. The pumps are designed with a horizontal motor plus an alloy mechanical seal making their replacement more convenient. The pump’s overflowing parts are made of stainless steel typically used for light-corrosion medium. 

Light Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps are designed with two or more impellers and are used to pump the moderate-to-high total dynamic head (TDH). Each stage of the process is essentially a separate pump, but all the stages are encased within the same housing. They are also installed on the same shaft. Thus, on a single horizontal shaft, a maximum of six stages can be installed. Each stage of the process increases the head by about the same amount.

Pump Use

Centrifugal pumps are either horizontal or vertical, single or multi-layer, double or single suction, or self-suction. The main working principle is centrifugal inertia expression. They are used for equipment support, household water supply, garden watering, pipeline pressurization, fish farming, poultry raising, vegetable greenhouse watering, industrial and mining, water drainage and supply to high-rise buildings, centralized heating circulation system, and central air conditioning.

Other applications include:

  • Cooling system
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Water purification
  • Aquiculture
  • Fertilizing and metering system
  • Specialized environmental application
  • Other special applications

Applicable Medium

The light horizontal multistage centrifugal pump is suitable for thin and clean non-explosive, non-flammable liquids without solid fibers or granules. These include pure water, Mineral water, soft water, edible vegetable oil, and light chemical mediums.

Whether a specific medium (liquid) is suitable for the horizontal centrifugal pump will depend on several factors such as PH value, chlorine content, temperature, solvent, and oil content. When the viscosity or density of the liquid to be conveyed is larger than that of pure water, it may be necessary to use a driving motor with more high power.

China Long Shaft Water Supply Pump

In general, the long shaft water supply pumpadopts the vertical and submerged blade wheel installation structure. The main attributes include easy operation, stable running, high versatility, compact construction, small ground space, and convenient maintenance. In addition, the long shaft water supply pump design is scientific and based on advanced design experiences.

China long shaft water supply pump series has many applications that include:

  • Commercial water supply and drainage
  • Living water supply
  • Tap water for a city
  • Fire-fighting water supply
  • Pumping water from lake or river.

In addition, the long shaft pump is also suitable for mining, chemical, metallurgical, papermaking, and water power stations.

CNP long shaft pump

Annually, CNP produces over 400,000 pumps used in mining and industrial enterprises, petrochemical engineering, pharmaceutical industry, industrial water treatment, and municipal water supply. Others include farm irrigation projects and domestic water supply, high buildings fire water supply, water purification, boiler, and air-conditioning system, among many others.