Mini and Micro Drill Presses

The presence of electrical tools and equipment makes all construction, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and even gardening jobs easy and fast to do. One of the useful tools is a drill. The drill bit is gripped on the drilling machine and then produces a rotating motion to make the hole. There are a variety of hand powered tools that have been used for centuries such as the bow drill, clamp and drill bits, the breast drill also known as the “egg beater” drill, the push drill, and the pin chuck for jewelry.

There are hand operated tools to make holes usually done by revolving. With the use of drills, gimlets and augers making a hole is easy because they have sharp cutting edges. Drilling works require high speed and low torque. The sharp points of drill was developed into arrow shapes achieving a better result and was popularized until the late 19th century. Later on, factory-made tools came up with spiral-fluted twist drills available at very reasonable price. It eventually replaced the blacksmith-made items.

The rotating drill bits contained diamonds or other hard materials used to create holes in hard surfaces like rocks, metals, walls and for making of tunnels and oil wells. Aside from the hand-held drill tools, motor driven machines have been manufactured to handle more difficult tasks. The drill family is composed of different tools each made for particular purpose. The drill bit is also designed depending on what kind of hole should be made. For small holes, they may contain diamonds that leaves a hole due to the abrasive action when rotated. Rolling cutters with sharp hard teeth or a chisel cutting edge is used in rotary oil well drills.

When the drill bore its way, small parts of the material chips away slowly rather than cutting or making an abrasion. There is another special kind of drill called the fusion drill that creates a hole by melting or flaking the material with the help of an oxyacetylene torch. The electromagnetic drill presses are for remote metal drilling. It’s a portable machine that’s comfortable to carry. The kit is complete with accessories like cutter wrenches, twist drill bits, lubricant bottle spray, annular cutters, safety strap and with a powerful 1.1 maximum horsepower 9.0 amp motor. Mini and micro drill presses are essential tools for boring a hole set on a fixed stand.

Agricultural works also employ the use of drills like the grass drill and grain drill named for their special usage. The fertilizer drill is usually combined with the seed drill because of the similar task to perform. For gardening purposes, small drill that can easily be pushed by hands are used but for farming, large drills drawn by tractors or animals like horses or cows.

When shopping for your needs, it’s best to buy high quality tools. Compare prices, product specifications, brand, and usage. There are great brands offered at competitive prices. Take the necessary safety precaution when operating any type of drill. Read the manual and follow the general safety tips in order to avoid injuries when using these powered tools.