Solar Panels Space Industry Technology For Homes Now

You probably already know the benefits offered by shifting some of the electricity you consume to that generated through renewable sources such as the sun. A variety of home solar panels can reduce the cost of your annual utility bill as well as dramatically lower your household’s carbon footprint, but did you know that the technology available today was originally developed for the aerospace industry.

There is now the option of choosing a solar energy system that utilizes concentration photovoltaic technology. These offer an efficiency which is nearly double that available with conventional solar cells. Before your start searching for an outlet through which you can buy panels it is worth understanding how concentration photovoltaic cells that were originally designed for the space industry can now be utilized in the home and why it is they are more efficient than previous cell designs.

CPV cells are essential components of modern satellites as well as space craft and probes. They have been designed to be incredibly efficient in low light levels as solar is seen as being the best option when it comes to powering vehicles that are based in orbit or sent to examine deep space. As solar energy is a renewable resource, it can ensure that space craft and satellites are able to perform perfectly for many years.

As the technology used in solar cells is adapted to homes, the value of switching our energy demands to a renewable system should not be overlooked. Gone are the days when solar cells would only produce enough energy to power small electrical gadgets. It is now theoretically possible to buy the panels that would provide adequate electricity to power your complete home.

As CPV technology becomes more widely available the associated costs will come down dramatically. This will allow for more of us to realistically consider the option of using a renewable source of energy as opposed to that supplied by the main utility companies and produced by the burning of fossil fuels. When an individual can run their home “off the grid”, they can save a significant amount of money on their energy costs.

It should come as no surprise to discover that massive investments are now being directed at CPV technology with the hope that the next generation of solar panels will provide an efficiency that makes them a realistic option for residential and commercial buildings throughout the world and not just in areas with a higher than average number of sunny days per year.