Importance of a Label Dispenser in Any Manufacturing Unit!

Can you tell me any product which is not packed and labeled which is sold in loose, you won’t be able to find any product like that except for vegetables and fruits, but even those are packed these days. Gone are those days where things are taken home in their own container or bag, in olden day’s milk and oil and other such products are taken home in their own containers. Packing is made mandatory, it’s become like a style statement for the products, so it has to be packed attractively and labeled well.

Everyone wants everything to be branded; they buy products for their name and their reputation. Will you buy a bottle of water which is not labeled and does not have a name for it?? Your answer will obviously be No!! So labels are something which is very important, even if the product is well packed it must have tag for itself, then only the product will be valued.

So labeling a product is something very important these days. Previously labeling was done manually, that is the labels were affixed to the container or the bottle in which the product is packed, by laborers but with the advancement in technology, everything is made easy. There is a machine which labels the bottles which is known as bottle labeler machine or label dispenser. It does all the labeling work without any help of manpower. There are two types of bottle labeler machines; they are semi automatic and fully automatic. In fully automatic machines we need not do anything but in semi automatic certain set of process has to be done manually. But anyway it is very useful and effective when compared to manual labeling.

Bottle labeler machines will definitely bring down the issues which takes place while it is done manually. Here are some of the problems which arise when labeling is done manually

• Wastage of labels is very high

• The labels will be mispositioned at times

• The labels might be affixed upside down

• It is really very time consuming

• More man power is required

• Shrinkage in labels

All these kind of negative issues might affect the image of the product, so it is always advisable to invest in a good label dispenser and make things easy, economical and perfect.

Good manufacturers use labels for lot of reasons, which includes; decorating the product, for packaging purpose, to give a finished look. Generally labels are fixed for the following main reason, which is very important to be printed on it, they are

• Name of the product

• Company’s name and their address

• Manufacturing company’s address

• Price of the product

• It’s best before dates

• Quantity of the product

There are actually many more details which can be found in products, but these are some of the mandatory information which can be seen in any product, irrespective of its type, be it medicine, food product, cosmetics or whatever.