Should I Buy A CNC Turning Machine for My Business?

The highly competitive manufacturing industry has forced several manufacturing companies to rethink and re-strategize to find different competitive edges in their bids to differentiate themselves from other competitors and capture a bigger chunk of the market share. In the metal production industry especially, where competitors fight to produce the most number of outputs in the shortest time possible without any compromise in terms of quality, competition is particularly stiff. Thus if you own a company that is competing in this segment in the market, you should possibly considering obtaining a CNC turning machine to help you produce more end products in a more time- and cost-effective manner.

Many company owners are put off by the initially high investment that they need to pump in to purchase these CNC turning machines. If you are one of those that are deliberating if you should or should not buy one such machine for your business, you should take into account the factors as mentioned below:

  1. The cost and budget factor – if you decide to purchase CNC milling or turning machines, you would generally require a fairly big budget as these machines do not come cheap. Always ensure that you have enough funds to finance the purchase of these machines, and do not go deep into debt in order to purchase these devices, as you would be then putting your business at risk. And always remember to buy in accordance to your needs, and the size and functions of your turning machine would depend on your requirements as well
  2. The market size factor – the question of whether you should purchase a CNC turning machine would eventually depend on the size of your market and how much end products you are looking at producing and eventually sell. If you are looking at large scale businesses and clients, then it is definitely recommended that you purchase such devices to help enhance your productivity rate and amount of end products. If you are looking at small numbers, rather than purchasing your own milling or turning machines, you could consider outsourcing the production of your parts to companies that offer these production services, this would be the more-effective option
  3. The part itself – if you are looking at producing highly complex parts that need to be produced accurately and in large numbers, then you should invest in a CNC turning machine without a doubt (provided that you have a budget). These machines are able to produce complex parts that are not possible to be produced by normal humans, thus this would be an advantage to have over your competitors. If your parts are not complex, then you may be better off using human labor to produce the parts (if the quantity is small).
  4. The size of your plant – also consider that you have enough space within your plant to place this CNC turning machines that you may be purchasing. The machines are fairly large, thus without sufficient space, it would be pointless to purchase them and then struggle to find space to store them.

Do consider all the factors above before you decide to purchase your very own CNC-based turning machine!