Matching Company Needs to Custom Label Machines for Manufacturing

A perfectly crafted product deserves a beautifully constructed and applied label. Finding the right application system will depend on a company’s budget, needs, and a comparison of the products available at different levels of labelers and products. Smaller companies, like home-run businesses, or companies with still developing manufacturing components, can sufficiently package their products with hand-held applicators. When the needs of these businesses outgrow this method, companies should look to invest in custom label machines.

Any company owner will need to determine:

Volume of Production – looking at how many items will need to be labeled will help to determine the level of automation and the size of the manufacturing space.

Budget for Manufacturing – the volume will be an indicator of the amount of money available to spend on a custom label machine, but it is important to note that the cost of a labeler will be commensurate with the cost of other features of a production line.

Manual Label Applicators

A hand crank is the source of power for these labelers. They are excellent for cleanly applying labels to a small volume of products. There is definitely a distinction between products that are applied by hand and products that are applied through a manual label applicator. It’s an important first investment into a product and will save a company owner time, energy, and potentially wasted product and labels. These labelers are in the lowest price range, costing hundreds, not thousands of dollars.

Semi-Automatic Label Applicators

Label applicators that are semi-automatic require manual efforts in addition to power-through mechanization. These products come with foot pedal controls and are incredibly easy to operate. The labels are most often roll-on types, which are great for round or cylindrical packaging. Shifting from labeling one product to another can be done quickly and easily. Some models can even apply labels to fronts and backs, which gives businesses excellent options for parceling the information and logos on their products across multiple labeling surfaces. These labelers are still best for smaller operations to mid-sized businesses, and they can be very compact for smaller manufacturing stations.

Depending on the size and shape of the label and packaging, a semi-automatic label applicator can cost thousands of dollars.

Automatic Label Applicators

Automatic Label Applicators are best for businesses with a higher volume of product labeling in a dedicated production space. Mid-sized to larger companies will most likely invest in an automatic label applicator. More complex manufacturing systems can easily integrate an automatic label applicator because they are commonly built with product sensors and are constructed of strong steel to receive position and stabilize the product.

Automatic label applicators can be in-line labelers or rotary labelers. Both of which provide excellent custom labeling, but meet different needs. In-line automatic applicators are ideal for high volumes in large companies, and rotary automatic applicators are most often used in the largest manufacturing settings, as part of complex systems that run nearly 24-hour production days. These items can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the volume of product that is passing through them will more than pay for the labeler and the other manufacturing components that are part of the production line.