Metal Lathe Types And Their Uses

Metal lathes are machines that enable removing of material parts from a metal item with the use of an integrated cutting tool. Initially they were made for metal only, however nowadays you can find them to cut pretty much any material, including plastic. Also they are used in a wide variety of applications that in the old days people would not even be dreaming about.

There are several types of metal lathes, including a center, a capstan, a CNC lathe, as well as a Turret lathe. Each of them have a different application, even though they are using the same initial principles.

Center lathe

This type is also called an engine lathe, and this is the most commonly used model by hobbyists and various machinists and engineers.

Capstain lathe

This is a ram style turret lathe that is used in workholding industry. It is a manufacturing equipment with a set of combined features of the actual lathe and a captain tailstock.

CNC lathe

This is the most modern type available nowadays and it is found more and more to replace the old, basic lathe types. It has a different, much simpler way of setting and operating and it uses very modern types of processes that are favored by most people using it.

Turret lathe

This is also a manufacturing machine which looks very similar to the capstan type. The difference consists of the fact that it lies right on the bed instead of it being fixed.

Combination lathe

This is a machine that has several operations besides the basic cutting. Here you can also find drilling, milling and other types. The x and y axis of this machine are used by the carriage and the topslide.