Finding Optimal Air Compressor Oil

While it may seem easy, the universal recommendation for any air compressor is to use oil from your compressor manufacturer. Even so, there are times when you really need to get a new oil change and you’re short on shops or even time to buy oil from your air compressor manufacturer. In this case, you need to know which oil to use for your compressor.

First thing you want to know is that you must utilize non-detergent oil. The reason for this is that air compressor engine does not produce combustible materials and residue as normal engines make. So, every air compressor oil is non-detergent. Nowadays, you have two different types of oils. Regular compressor oil and synthetic compressor oil.

For most of house use, you are completely fine with standard compressor oil since you do not actually need supplied gains of synthetic oils, so having cheaper oil is not so bad as it would be for industrial usage. If you are thinking to use your compressor for heavy-duty purposes, I would recommend synthetic oil.

Air compressors will in whole run satisfying on 30 weight typical air compressor oil but you need to acknowledge that this oil operates optimal on temperatures from 36 to nearly 100 degrees. If you need to use your compressor in lower temperatures, a 20 weight oil is recommended. Common guideline is, the warmer the weather, the more weight you want and the other way around.

Synthetic oil supplies quite a few gains over regular oil. A 30 weight 100% synthetic oil can work below freezing temperatures while also supplying you with much prolonged running time. Operating time of synthetic oils goes from anywhere from two to eight THOUSAND operational hours which in turn implies you do not require to change it very often. Since it’s synthetic, it will offer the maximal protection for your compressor, so if you are not really on a budget, I would recommend getting synthetic oil for all applications. Even so, I do understand that peculiar compressor oils are reasonably expensive and that in most cases you could exchange it with non-detergent synthetic motor oil. Some of the compressor manufacturers are even starting to recommend Mobil ONE synthetic, common motor oil as a substitute.

While synthetic oil offers many gains over regular oil, you should not really worry much about it. I mean, air compressors have run 10-20 years on regular non-detergent motor oil, which is not really made specifically for air compressors. That being told, I still feel a lot better when using oil that is being made specifically for my type of air compressor. This is nonetheless a familiar feeling which manufacturers readily exploit. While it is true that manufacturer oil is optimal, substitutes are viable and will not do any damage to your compressor. It all comes to how much you use your compressor.

Let me set it this way, first option is the oil that is made for your exact compressor. Second is dependent upon how much you use your compressor. If You are not using compressor for industrial or extreme service, it is best to go with common 30 weight non-detergent oil ( modify its weight to suit the climate you are working in).

If it is an air compressor that is used for industrial or heavy-duty, you should really go with synthetic compressor oil. Using other oils is not so effective if that is the case.. You can also apply Mobil 1 Synthetic motor oil if you do not care to search for compressor oil, it will not create much of a difference (if any).

Finally, I would wish to bring up something that should not be common practice but it has its purpose. You can put a straight up normal motor oil, even detergent oil, into your compressor. I mean, there are valid reasons you should not do that, but do not be fearful to apply it if need arises. If you absolutely have to utilize your compressor and you are out of non-detergent oil, you can pour in any regular oil (even hi-detergent one) into it and continue working. People were doing just that for years and years and no serious damage has come out of it.

Just remember if you have to use detergent oil, do not be reluctant to do so but you truly should (not to say must) get non-detergent air compressor oil first chance you have.